Real Money Gambling in Canada11

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Real Money Gambling in Canada

When it comes to playing online gambling, Canada is truly a haven for the best online casinos. Here you can find real money casino gambling opportunities with the high roller bonus games and really lucrative slot machine deals. The real money gambling games in Canada are basically the most thrilling and fascinating games that you can have in the world of online gambling. These casinos offer you with the opportunity to play in various games that are both simple and complex. You can play on top class casino tables or in many more ways with your own exciting way of gambling games. All of these are offered by the best online casinos in Canada.

The best online casinos in Canada offers the most exciting and fun gaming options like the Texas Hold Em, Hold’em Omaha, Stud, 8-Ball and many more exciting game options. Some of the best online casinos in Canada are Poker Stars, World of Warcraft, Jackpot Party and the World Poker Tour. All of them offer you with the best of online gaming experience. The high roller games are the best way to get rid of your bad money gambling habit. The high roller games offer you with the ability to win real money prizes that will leave you smiling all the way when the games are over.

It is a known fact that online gambling is a safe gambling environment when it comes to the real money casinos. Most of the real money casinos in Canada is not the shady companies that do not deliver what they promise and keep on changing their rules and regulations in order to keep their customers locked up. So, it is important that you take the initiative to look for the best online casinos in Canada. The best online casinos in Canada usually offer the same offer to their customers like their top class of online gaming sites. When you are interested in real money gambling games in Canada, you can search for online casinos that offer you with the real money prizes.

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BitCoin Casino USA – It’s Only $20 and You Can Play Free

Online gambling is booming and in recent years, more people than ever are joining the bandwagon. In fact, there are now over one million people who are already playing in the online casino scene in the United States alone. A lot of these people live in New Jersey, with more than 90% of them staying in New Jersey to do business or to get away from it all. The reason is New Jersey has some of the best online casinos in the world.

Now, there are plenty of reasons why so many people want to play in an online casino. There is also a downside that is becoming more common, with people complaining about being cheated by online casinos. These complaints are unfortunately true, and this is why many people are choosing to get involved in an online casino instead of a regular one. It is very easy to become a victim of fraud if you don’t read up on the game mechanics, especially if you’re a beginner. If you’re new to online gambling then the best way to protect yourself is to learn everything you can about online casino games before playing.

New Jersey residents who love playing the lottery systems are also welcomed with a great variety of lottery systems. They even have a popular Powerball system. Lottery in general has some of the most exciting odds, and New Jersey residents can enjoy the thrill of watching their favorite numbers being called each time. While it may not be the fastest way to make money, lottery is still a great way to lose. If you love to bet on sports, then NJ residents can join the thousands of people that play the lottery daily.

The Best Online Casinos in Nederland238

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The Best Online Casino’s in Nederland

The Best Online Casino’s in Nederland (the name is a joke) is one of the most talked about online casinos in the internet today. Everyone wants to have their own account in the best online casino in Nederland. The good thing is that it can be opened even without any previous experience. It is very easy and fun to play and has a lot of options for the player.

The slots is among the three most popular games that you can choose from, and the highest in demand among all slots on the internet. Also, the slots are offered with different bonuses to attract the customers to its games. The Best Online Casino’s in Nederland is the only casino which provides free deposit bonuses up to 100 times of a normal deposit. more about the gambling payment skrill The bonuses come in both normal and the jackpot level. The players can also double their deposit, or even triple their deposit, at the start of the bonus period.

Recensie is the brand of the game. The Recensie version of the thunderbolt casino no deposit bonus slots are now included in the Best Online Casino’s in Nederland’s slots list. The popularity of the slots is certainly the reason for the popularity Spin palace of the Recensie versions of the slots. However, the Recensie is not the only version of the slots and not all the best online casino’s in Nederland offer the Recensie version. The Blind eXchange is also available as the main version of the slots. It was included in the good slot list in the best online casino’s in Nederland. The online slots offer many opportunities for the player and the slots game as well as the software is also very user friendly.

Somewhere Emergency Aid Case Study

The case highlights a dilemma that many managers have to resolve in their daily work. In particular, they need to ensure that every organizational goal is attained by the personnel. However, these professionals also have to think about the rights of employees. There are several recommendations that Jane should consider.


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First of all, she should include the provision about substance abuse in the job description. This requirement is critical for the effective work of this organization. It should be noted that the employees of Somewhere Emergency Aid Society interact with the victims of abuse and violence, and these people certainly expect compassion from social workers.

In turn, these professional may not cope with their duties, provided that they are addicted to drugs and alcohol. Furthermore, those team members, who are dependent on substance, should be terminated. In this case, the wellbeing of women, who seek shelter, should be the top priority for Jane who is the leader of the team.

The second issue that should be considered is the choice between two candidates. It seems that Jane should learn more about the previous work experience of the female candidate. Provided that she was indeed dismissed because of substance abuse, she should not be employed by Somewhere Emergency Aid Society. Furthermore, Jane can give an opportunity to an applicant who has a Master’s Degree in Psychology.

It seems that the expertise of this person can be of great value to the organization. He can bring new skills to the team or suggest new ways of helping the victims of abuse. These initiatives can be of great benefit to women who have to rely on the assistance of social workers. This is the main recommendations that one can make.

Again, these decisions are based on the premise that Somewhere Emergency Aid Society has to focus on the rights of women who can only rely on the competence and professionalism of employees working in this shelter.

The needs of the asylum seekers can be met only in if social workers possess skills in different fields, Moreover, there should not be any obstacles that can prevent employees from doing their work properly. Among these obstacles, one can single out substance abuse or unwillingness of the personnel to accept new employees. These are the reasons that should guide Jane’s decisions.


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1900 Storm the Great Galveston Hurricane- by EduBirdie


A great storm hit Galveston, Texas on September 8, 1900. It was not an ordinary storm because it left a lot of destruction and nearly wiped out the entire city. People lost lives and property was destroyed. Fortunately, some survived the storm and lived to tell of horror stories of that fateful day that changed their lives and the landscape of Galveston completely. This particular storm stands out among the most devastating natural disasters in the American history.

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Essay on 1900 Storm: the Great Galveston Hurricane

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Signs of the storm

The initial signal of the storm was noticed on August 30, 1900 according to Dr. H.C. Frankenfeld a forecast official at the Weather Bureau. The Windward Islands had a latitude of about 15 degrees north and longitude 63 degrees west. The latitude remained the same the following day although it had moved towards the island of Porto Rico.

During this time there were no clear signs of a storm formation (Esquitine 1). On September 1, 1900 a storm had reached Santo Domingo city and on September 2 nd it was near Jamaica. It reached Cuba by September 3 rd and led to heavy rains within 24 hours.

The storm continued to travel, by September 5th it had gone past Cuba, and on September 6 th it had almost reached southern Florida (Esquitine 1). At this time advisory messages were sent to Bahama Islands and Key West to warn of an impending storm from September 1 st followed by others on 2 nd 3 rd and 4 th September 1900. The warning was extended and included “the gulf coast as far as Galveston and the Atlantic coats to Norfolk” (Esquitine 1; Neil 131).

On September 7, 1900 the storm had reached south of Los Angeles and signals sent up to North Texas coast. On September 8 the storm was approaching Texas coast and was very close (Esquitine 1).

During this time the residents of Galveston went on with their daily activities but Cline who was the chief meteorologist at the weather service station noticed that the gulf water was creeping on the lower side of the island. He saw that the storm was swelling and the winds growing stronger.

He automatically knew that a danger was looming and he warned people to seek shelter from the impeding storm (Cline 1). He continued sending warning signals all day long but his efforts were hampered when the lines got destroyed (The 1900 Strom an Island Washed Away 1).

United States ?

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Technology in use during 1900

Galveston City had wealth due to its proximity to the sea. It was a significant seaport and many ships docked here. Above 70 per cent of the country’s cotton passed through the port.

Therefore, Galveston was not only a settlement area, but also an important business area. Due to the wealth of the city infrastructure such as electricity and telephone were available before the storm struck (Rogers 134). Through the telephones residents were able to communicate. The city also had a weather station to monitor the weather and this was crucial in sending warnings against foul weather.

This is how Galveston was able to learn about the coming storm from Washington through a telegram days before it struck. However, it was not helpful much because the residents had enjoyed relative calm sea thus they had developed false sense of security as Cline had said that a hurricane was unlikely to hit Galveston (The Storm of 1900: Tragedy and Triumph Mother Nature’s Wrath 1).

On the contrary, the technology at that time was not sufficient like the advanced technology of today that makes communication easy and rapid from one corner of the globe to another. Furthermore, the instruments used in meteorology were not advanced, as there were no weather satellites (Pohlen 211). However today the technology is advanced and it is easy to predict hurricanes. At the turn of the twentieth century, hurricanes were unknown and it was hard for the meteorological officials to predict that the storm of 1900 would be a hurricane.

For instance, Mr. Cline had to use a stopwatch to time the wave speed (The Storm of 1900: Tragedy and Triumph Mother Nature’s Wrath 1; Cline 1). During the 1900 storm, the first signs of the storm were observed on August 30. Galveston knew of the storm by September 4 th but due to poor communication the details given concerning the storm were unclear and sketchy (Weems 1).

Lack of advanced communication derailed the efforts of warning the local residents about the storm because Mr. Cline had to drive a horse-drawn cart and send telegrams thus he could not reach everyone and by the time the struck only a few people had managed to run to safety (Olfason 1). The city had buildings but they were not tall and strong enough to protect the people. They lacked safe places to run to and all the buildings were submerged under water with the exception of a few.

The bridges near the beach collapsed and people could not access safer houses located downtown because the bridges were not strong enough to withstand the powerful storm. However, if the storm had happened in the recent times communication to warn people would have reached the people fast with the sophisticated methods of communication such as the internet and live broadcasting that can be transmitted simultaneously to many parts of the world through the use of satellite.

The aftermath of the storm

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The storm killed many people and estimates put the figure between six and eight thousand. Bodies covered the streets and others lay beneath collapsed buildings. The survivors were in shock as they came to terms with the aftermath of the storm (Ramos 1). Some of the dead met their fate as they ran,25.htm towards safety and were hit by bricks hurtling from collapsing buildings.

Others were decapitated by objects flying from buildings. Others drowned in the raging water as they could not swim to safety. Those living in the city outskirts were hit hardest by the storm because their houses were structurally weak and could not withstand the storm. Some families were wiped out and others had a few survivors.

In addition, the soldiers who were at forts died because they were in temporary shelters which could not give them any protection from the storm. The storm was so strong such that it destroyed the saving station erected at Fort point and in some instances the crew we swept away to Texas City (Esquitine 1). Many more people sustained injuries and those taken to the hospital succumbed to their injuries.

Property damage

The wind during the storm had a high velocity and this contributed to the great devastation of property as the storm wave covered the city with water. Property destroyed was estimated to be between twenty and thirty million dollars. The storm destroyed about one thirds of the city and about 2, 636 houses.

The shoreline was not spared ships docked at the port also got damaged. Schools and churches also were destroyed by the storm expect a few because the storm did not leave any land dry in the city (Green 3; Weems 1). Figure 1 shows a ruined public school building.

Looting and crime

Criminals took advantage of the chaos to loot anything they could lay their hands on as pirates started extortion. The level of security in the city went down and police had to patrol to maintain security. They shot criminals as they had the authority to do so as marshal law was in place (Olfason 1).

Some of the criminals even had the guts to rob the dead bodies. For example one man had chopped of twelve fingers from the dead to remove expensive rings on them (Weems 1). Merchants took advantage of the storm to hike the prices of basic commodities. Transportation also became very expensive over short distances. It was hard for the survivors to cope because they had just lost every thing and therefore, they had to depend on relief.

Response to the disaster

The people who survived the storm were in need of relief because they did not have even the basic necessities such as food and clean drinking water. Temporary shelter was put up for the survivors and a relief committee formed. Urgent help was required to help the people of Galveston. Relief started trickling in from far and wide as more people responded by sending relief after news of the 1900 storm spread to other parts of the world.

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The other cities in the United States also responded and sent relief to Galveston. Organizations such as the Red Cross, churches, religious groups, labour not forgetting fraternal organizations came to render their help. Individuals were not left behind as they also made their contribution for instance a little girl gave 10 cents for the relief efforts (Ramos 1). Necessities such as food, water and clothing were given to the survivors.

The committee made arrangements of disposing of the rotting bodies in the city. It was a daunting task due to the stench renting the air (Olfason 1). The bodies also posed a health hazard thus had to be disposed and some were buried where they were found. The lack of sanitation continued to spread diseases and many more people succumbed to illnesses related to poor sanitation days after the storm. The committee also made plans for rebuilding the city and the men and women who remained joined in the efforts.

A concrete wall was erected to separate the city and the sea as people had now understood the importance of having such a wall (Anderson, 98). The entire city was raised using sand from the sea to avoid a repeat of such a destruction in the future, “The grade of the city was raised almost 17 feet at the seawall, with a gradual downward slope to the north” (Olfason 1).


The great storm of 1900 remains one of the greatest tragedies the United States has witnessed with the highest number of people lost in a single disaster. Galveston responded to the storm well by forming a committee that came up with good recommendations such as the construction of a seawall that proved to be important in 1915 when another hurricane struck as only few people lost lives.

There is a lot to learn about sea disaster such as the importance of communication as it can help save more lives if people get the warning signals in good time. Furthermore people who live along the coastal line and those who visit should be educated on how to respond to storm warnings so that they will know the correct safety measures to take to avoid becoming victims of raging waters.


Figure 1 reliable

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Online Casino Games and Their Popularity

Online casinos are great ways to gamble on different games of poker. Many casinos that offer online gaming have been around for many years. There are numerous different kinds of casino games available for you to play and there are also many different casino websites offering online casinos. Whether you are a new player or an old pro, it is possible to find the right game to play online. Most online casinos offer various kinds of games in terms of games of the casino and in addition there are also games that do not fall into the categories of casinos. But when it comes to the online casino games there are a few that you should look for.

Poker and roulette are two great choices for players to play. These are two games that are becoming more popular as people get more familiar with them. Casino poker is very popular among the gamblers because the thrill of winning some money is one of the main reasons why these are becoming very popular. People are trying to win more money, and this is not just limited to new people to the game but to the older generation as well. When it comes to playing roulette, many people still prefer the old style of gambling called Las Vegas Roulette. The advantages that roulette has over casino poker are a feeling of excitement and you have the chance to really make money in this game. In other words, if you are a gambler who is looking for fun then roulette is a good option for you.

Another game that people love to play is online casino slots. The reason why so many people love to play online casino slots is that there is no limit to how much money you can lose. In fact, it is almost impossible to find out how much money you will lose in this game. What makes online casino slots fun for the gamblers is that these games have the chance to be played for the whole night. This is a great way to have fun, have fun and to improve your gambling experience. Some people can even go on to play and win intheir sleep with these types of casino games.

Review of Online Casinos How to Locate the Best Casino317

Review of Online Casinos – How to Locate the Best Casino

The latest review of online casinos is not a question. It has become a hot topic among the online casino lovers, one can find so many reviews in the casino world and it is true that there are many people who are involved in the same way. The reviews will tell you about the quality of the site as well as the reliability of the site. Another thing that a review can say is about the security of the online casino.

review of online casinos

Sites like eBay, Amazon, Yahoo are some of the websites where you can get to see the reviews of online casinos. If you want to find the best casino, you can go to the sites that have enough information and review about casinos. One can even take the help of the review of online casinos online and visit the review sites and search for the best one according to their needs. This will definitely give you the best information about the casinos that you can check out and finally choose the best one for yourself.

A review of online casinos will also tell you about the online casino’s security. The review will also tell you the level of fraud in the casino. Fraud will also be talked about so that people know how they can avoid the problem of fraud in their online casino. Therefore, it is recommended that you should always go for the review of online casinos and make sure that you never have any issues with the security of your casino.

Many of the players have asked for the review of online casinos and they have also asked their colleagues about this issue. This is a good way to help people in finding the best online casino because they can actually find the reviews by the people who are already a part of the online casino and they will be able to tell what they think about the gaming activity in the online casino. Reviews from people who have already played the online casino can also provide you with good information about the games that are available in the casino. However, it is also important to note that the reviews also depend on the source. There are so many sites that will give the reviews but you will be able to find only one of them since they will all have different criteria and the source will be the factor for the review. If the source is the official site of the casino then it will be more reliable while if the source is the site which is being hosted by the casino then it will be more reliable.

The reviews of online casinos are also provided by other players of the casino. This means that the reviews from these players will be more reliable since the information about the casino is already verified by them.

It is also important to note that the review of online casinos is only helpful in the process of choosing the best casino. There are so many factors that need to be considered before deciding on the kind of casino that one would like to play in. So, you should look at the reviews of online casinos and determine which sites are trustworthy or reliable before going to them for your casino gambling.

So, now that you know what the reviews of online casinos are, you can actually find the reviews on any website that provides the casino reviews. You can also read other online casinos reviews and decide on which one is most reliable for your online casino gaming needs.

Free Spins Casino Review Site8

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Free Spins Casino – Review Site

Review sites are a great way to find out more about a site. A review is basically an unbiased analysis of the site. Some people like to read reviews and ask questions but this can be time consuming. The best thing to do is spend your time playing at the site in question. That way you are able to get to know it first hand. Playing at the site of your choice does not necessarily mean that you are going to like it or even think it is good. It takes time to develop a relationship with a new site and you need to put some time into it before you judge it.

The free spins casino in question is the free spins casino in Africa. This is a very popular site because of the many rewards that are available. Many people like to play free spins casino because they find them fun to play. They can be a good source of income for the lucky few. The problem comes when the player uses the site too much. The site will take advantage of the player by offering them cash in return for gambling.

One of the biggest problems that have come up with the free spins casino in Africa is the constant online gambling. In other words the person playing gets addicted and starts to lose money. They are encouraged to spend more money than they should. This is what they are doing and it is very bad for the business. Many countries have banned online gambling because it is considered as being dangerous for all the people involved. The free spins casino in Africa has started to try and eliminate these problems by limiting the amount of cash that is available for purchase.

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Kristin Art Musikvideo „Das Schweigen“ jetzt online auf Youtube!!!

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Den Winter über haben wir intensiv dran gearbeitet – und pünktlich zum Frühlingsbeginn darf ich euch hier nun meine brandneue – in Kooperation mit dem Produzenten Roman Voronenko – entstandene Videopoduktion „Das Schweigen“ präsentieren!

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Ob es so bleibt? Nichts ist gewiss, „alles bleibt anders“ und meine Musik-Reise geht immer weiter und weiter …! Einen wunderschönen Frühling mit viel Sonnenschein – vor allem auch im Herzen wünscht euch

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Kristin Art Video „Into a world of gold …“ Jetzt online!

Kristin Art: „Into a world of gold …“

In ihrem brandneuen Video „Into a world of gold …“ erzählt Kristin Art in einem Interview von ihrem gleichnamigen Debutalbum, sie erklärt ihre geheimnisvolle Beziehung zu Gold und sie berichtet über ihr vielfältiges künstlerisches Schaffen. Kristin Arts Debutalbum kommt gleich mit 16 Songs daher –  jeder davon ein kostbares Klangreich für sich. Mit ihren berührenden und ehrlichen Songs bewegt sich Kristin Art im Spannungsbogen zwischen intimer Schlichtheit und glanzvoller Feierlichkeit. Ihre poetischen, manchmal auch humorvollen Songtexte bieten Feingeist und Tiefsinnigkeit in optimaler Kombination. Mit ihrer äußerst facettenreichen, ausdrucksstarken und gefühlvollen Stimme schafft Kristin Art eine unglaublich intensive Atmosphäre. Der renommierte estnische Pianist Vsevolod Pozdejev bereichert Kristin Arts Eigenkompositionen durch sein einzigartiges und vielschichtiges Klavierspiel. Wenn die Sängerin mit der samtenen Stimme ihre Songs vorträgt, entführt sie die Zuhörer in geheimnisvoll leuchtende Welten – eben „Into a world of gold …“!